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Settlement, 5 mi. SW of Upham, on road to Upper Loch Lomond: Upham Parish, Kings County: John Barnes settled about 1820: first called South Stream: community name changed to honour Thomas G. Barnes, first postmaster: PO Barnesville 1854-1957: in 1866 Barnesville was a farming community with approximately 53 resident families: by 1866 Barnesville included Droylan Settlement which was a farming community with approximately 5 resident families, Erin Go Brah wihch was a farming community with approximately 10 resident families and Primrose Settlement which was a farming community with approximately 10 resident families: in 1898 Barnesville had 1 post office, 2 stores, 2 churches and a population of 200: today it is a dispersed community. -1-


Settlement, 2 mi. S of Kierstead Mountain, on road to Bellisle Creek: Studholm Parish, KIngs County named for Latin word for hills: PO Collina 1856-1966: included community of McAllister: PO 1886-1898 with Walter McAllister as first postmaster: also included community of Floyd: PO 1912-1915 with Levi H. Floyd as postmaster: in 1904 Collina was a farming settlement with 1 post office, 1 store, 2 churches and a population of 200: today it is a dispersed community. -1-


P.O., money order and village in Queens County, Parish of Gagetown, shiretown of the county, situated of Gagetown Creek, which empties in to the St. John River, 35 miles from Fredericton, 45 miles from St. John by water; nearest railway station, Welsford Station, 28 miles; banks, Fredericton; contains 3 stores, 2 hotels, 1 saw mill, 1 carriage repair shop, 2 churches, court house, registrar office, county jail; light house, with fiwed white light; river steamers call there daily; telegraph, Dom. express, N.B. telephone. Pop 300. -2-
- Formerly named Grimross. -3-

Gagetown Parish

Established as Gage Township in 1765, as Gagetown Parish in 1786. Named for Thomas Gage ( 1721-1787) main grantee of land, who was Commander and Chief of the British forces n North America 1763-1772. -3-


[1910] P.O., money order office and farming village in Queens County, Hampstead Parish, on the St. John River, 15 miles from Gagetown; nearest station, Nerepis; nearest Port of Entry and bank, St. John; all other connections at, or the same as, Welford, 24 miles; Gagetown, 17 miles; Westfield, 27; contains 2 stores, 1 hotel; boats call daily from St. John and return; Dom. express, N.B. telephone. Pop. 50. -2-

Hampstead Parish 

Established 1786. Named by Richard Hewlett after Hempstead, Long Island, New York. He settled on Long Island in the Saint John River, after commanding


Settlement, 5 mi. S of Upham and 4 mi. SE of Barnesville, on road to Barnesville: Saint Martins Parish, Saint John County: first called Ryan Settlement for John, Thomas and Michael Ryan who were settlers: renamed when post office was created: PO Hardingville 1878-1909 with V. Harding as postmaster: in 1898 Hardingville was a farming and lumbering settlement with 1 post office, 1 store, 2 sawmills, 1 church and a population of 150: today it is a dispersed community. -1-


In Saint John, 1 mile W of city centre, P.O. Indian Town 1852 - 1960. Named for a house built by James White 1779 for the Indians when they came to trade. -3- 

Jordan Mountain

A farming settlement in Kings County, Studholm Parish, 55 miles from St. John; nearest connections, Sussex, 11 miles; contains 1 church. Pop 25. -2-

PO c1892 - 1898 and 1912 - 1930. Named for John, Richard and Moses Jordan, land grantees in the area. -3-

Kierstead Mountain

9 mi. NW of Sussex. Isaiah, David, Amensey, John and Thomas Kierstead were land grantees. Formerly named Millstream Mountain. -3-


[1910] P.O., and money order office and savings bank, n Kings County, a farming settlement in Kingston parish; port of entry, St. John; all other connections, Hampton, 10 miles; contains 2 stores, 1 hotel, 1 saw mill, 1 grist mill, 1 church, express, and N.B. telephone. Pop, 260. -2- 

PO 1845 - 1970. Shire town of Kings County 1783 - 1871. -3- 


Settlement, 2 mi. SE of Jeffries Corner, on road to Hammondvale: Sussex Parish, Kings County: PO 1867-1951 with Alfred Markham as first postmaster and manager of manganese mine: in 1904 Markhamville was a settlement with 1 post office, 1 store, 1 church and a population of 45: today it is a dispersed community. -1-


[1910] P.O., farming and lumbering settlement and port of entry in St. John; authorized to issue postal notes; a station on the NB Southern Railway; connections, St. John, 16 miles; Dominian Express, N.B. Telephone. Pop. 200. -2-

New Town/Newtown

P.O., farming settlement in Kings County, in the parish of Studholm; authorized to issue postal notes; neastest connections, Sussex, 10 miles; contains 1 store, 1 saw mill, 2 grist mills, 1 church, express, N.B. telephone. Pop. 275. -2-

PO Upper Smiths Creek 1854 - c1885; PO Newton c1885 - c1892; PO Newtown c1892 - 1967. A section was called Mace District for Mace Brothers who established a mill in 1854. -3-


P.O. c 1885 - 1898 in Saint John, P.O. Saint John North 1895 - 1952. Established as a parish 1786, town 1871, city 1883, amalgamated with Saint John 1889. Named for William Henry Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Porkland, Prime Minister of England 1783. -3-

Saint John 

Named [officially in English] by Ward Chipman in May 1785. In Micmac and Maliseet Menagoueche, from Munegooik, possibly meaning "little peninsula" in reference to a Knoll in Saint John West. In Maliseet Ouigoudi, in reference to a "village" on Navy Island. In 1783 the main part was named Parr Town for John Parr (1725-1791) Gov. of NS 1782-1791; the west part was named Carleton for Sir Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester(1724-1808)...Extended to include the city of Portland 1889 and the city of Lancaster, the Parish of Lancaster, and part of the parish of Simonds in 1966. Shire town of Saint John County 1785...In the names of the city and of Saint John Harbour, "Saint" is not abreviated. It is commonly abreviated in the name of the river. -3-

Population 52,000 [1910]. Was named by the pioneers of French Colonization in 1604, in honor of their patron saint, on account of landing on that particular saint's day... As to the Industrial life of the city, there are cotten mills, rolling mills, iron and brass factories, shoe factory, tannery, nail factories, axe factories, wire fence works, machine shops, breweries, soap factories, pork packing establishments, furnature factories, vinegar manufacturies, several fish packing houses, door and sash factories, and various other industries besides lumber mills. Public buildings are: The Exhibition building, Protestant Orphan Asylum, Customs House, Post Office, City Building, Masonic Temple, Orange Hall, Knights of Pythias Building, Opera House, Railway Station, Carnegie Public Library, Country market, Provincial Lunatic Ayslum, General Pubic Hospital, Y.M.C.A, etc,etc... The railways running out of St. John are the C.P.R. to Montreal, Toronto, British Columbia, Fredericton, etc.; I.C.R. to Quebec, Montreal, Halifax, etc.; N.B. Southern line to St. Stephen, St. George, St. Andrews, etc... The Banks are: The Bank of British North America, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, Bank of New Brunswick, Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank of Canada, Union Bank of Halifax. The expresses are: The Dominion, American, Canadian, Maritime. N.B. Telephone Company hed ofice is here. -2-

Springfield Parish

Established 1786. Possibly named for Springfield, New Jersey or Springfield, Massachusetts. -3-



Settlement on W side Saint John River, 3 mi. N of Central Hampstead, on road to Gagetown: Hampstead Parish, Queens County: PO Otnabog 1854-1888: in 1866 Otnabog was a farming community with approx 33 resident families: PO Queenstown 1866-1970: in 1898 Queenstown was a farming settlement with 1 post office, 1 store, 1 sawmill and a population of 100: today it is a dispersed community. -1-


[1910] a P.O., money order office and savings bank in Westmorland Co., a farming and lumbering settlement and railway station on the I.C.R, junction of Salisbury and Harvey Railway; nearest Port of Entry and Banks, Moncton, 13 miles; contains 6 stores, 2 hotels, 1 carriage factory, Can. Express, N.B. telephone, W.V. telegraph, P.O., savings bank, 3churches, Pop. 400. -2-

Upham Parish

Established 1835, Named for Josua Upham (1741-1808), Loyalist and NB judge, and Jabez Upham (1747-1822), Loyalist and settler 1800 after living at Woodstock for 12 years. -3-

Westfield Parish

Established 1786. Possibly named for Westfield, Massachusetts or Westfield, New Jersey or for its position in Kings County. -3- 

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